Suit Type Concealable Body Armor

• Ballistic Material: Aramid U.D.or Polyethylene(PE)
• Fabric Material: Cotton or Nylon
• Size: S, M, L, Customizable
• Color: White, Grey, Customizable
• Unit weight: 2.10-2.30KGS
• Protective Area: ≥0.26 ㎡
• Ballistic Leve

• Designed for the demand of high performance at the lightest weight.
• Conform to NIJ Standard-0101.06
• Level IIIA is threat tested against .357, 9mm, 45acp, .44 magnum
• Concealable highest weight type
• Covering front and rear protection
• Close-fit and ultra thin panel: ballistic layer is only 1cm
• Removable outer cover for easy cleaning
• Ergonomically designed for ensuring free movement
• Look alike typical waistcoat which allows for maximum concealment
• Waistcoat style buttons and front pockets for multipurpose
• Adjustable shoulder and waist for better fit
• Designed for mobility while maintain the max coverage for upper body

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