Full protection type

Full-Protective Combat Tactical Bulletproof Vest

 • Ballistic Material: Aramid U.D.or Polyethylene(PE) 
 • Fabric Material: Polyester 600D
 • Size: S, M, L, Customizable
 • Color: Black, Blue, Camouflage, Red,Customizable
 • Protective Area: ≥0.40 ㎡
 • Ballistic level: NIJIIIA
Standard Features:
• Conform to NIJ Standard-0101.06
• Level IIIA is threat tested against .357, 9mm, 45acp, .44 magnum
• Water-resistant panel cover with heat-sealed seams
• Lightweight 4-way stretch ripstop shell fabric
• Complementary lightweight spacer mesh liner for improved airflow
• Front and back plate pocket for optional IIIA, III, IV hard plates
• Detachable shoulder, collar, and throat. Biceps, groin, and kidney/lower back protection.
• 360-degree MOLLE design.