Folding Bulletproof Shield

• Material: 4.0MM ballistic plate
• Size: Shield:810*800*6.2mm
• Color: Black, can be customized
• Unit Weight: 5.8KG±0.2KG
• Protective Area: 0.52㎡
• Ballistic Level: NIJ IIIA
NIJ IIIA Folding Ballistic Shield Features
• NIJ standard 0108.01 level IIIA
• Designed with a much larger view port that will give officers a larger field of view.
• Lightweight 
• Folding design for better carrying and using
• Ambidextrous design with stationary handle ensures allows right or left handed operators to comfortable use the same shield
• Padding beneath handle reduces abrasion and improves comfort
• Ballistic steel material with highest cost effective
• Custom department decals available upon request
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