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Armed Police Camouflage Armor

solid color camouflage can be customized
can be customized

The body armor design is simple and clear, and no redundant Velcro pocket. Body armor can be divided into hard, semi-soft, three kinds of soft and hard body armor in special steel, aluminum and other metal materials or super-alumina, silicon carbide and other hard non-metallic materials as the theme bulletproof material, thereby body armor made generally do not have the flexibility to form the main card. Soft body armor materials are mainly high-performance non-woven fabric composite material based sheeting. Semi-soft body armor softness between the two types, lined with soft material to hard material as the panel and the reinforcing material is a composite of body armor;

Consulting Order

Material: Aramid UD 、UHMWPE、Steel

Color: 99-type blue uniforms、army camouflage、navy camouflage、desert camouflage(can be tailored)

Protection area: ≥0.28㎡

Protection level: GA II、GAIII、NIJ III、NIJIV;

Guarantee: 8 years;

Insurance: 1million yuan (Pingan Insurance)

Operative Norm: 《GA68-2003 Stab resistant clothing》