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Protective Tactical Bulletproof Vest

solid color camouflage can be customized
can be customized

All-around combat bulletproof vest is combined with the carrying tools and bulletproof, has bio-function of carrying and bulletproof, reducing matching level of single soldier equipment; the shoulder、arm、neck and crotch can be protected. This type of bulletproof vest has high performance and large protection area, each component is made of modular structure, easy to put on and off and the entire unit is light relatively, which is suitable for scout and special troop

Consulting Order

Material: Aramid UD 、UHMWPE

Color: 99-type blue uniforms、army camouflage、navy camouflage、desert camouflage(can be tailored)

Protection area: ≥0.56㎡

Protection level: GA II、GAIII、NIJ III、NIJIV;

Guarantee: 8 years;

Insurance: 1million yuan (Pingan Insurance)

Operative Norm: <>

Protection Level: GA II for 54 pistol lead core bullet, can reach GAIII、GAIV、GAV、NIJIII、NIJIV