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2004 B-type Bulletproof Vest

solid color camouflage can be customized
can be customized

body armor which major equipment in infantry units , the protection performance can prevent Type 54 pistol on the direct distance of 5 meters , if necessary, can be inserted flapper stage III-IV ballistic protection to enhance their performance

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Material: Aramid UD 、UHMWPE

Color: 99-type blue uniforms、army camouflage、navy camouflage、desert camouflage(can be tailored)

Protection area: ≥0.28㎡

Protection level: GA II、GAIII、NIJ III、NIJIV;

Guarantee: 8 years;

Insurance: 1million yuan (Pingan Insurance)

Operative Norm: 《GA 141-2010 General technical conditions of police body armor