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Army Camouflage Bulletproof Vest

solid color camouflage can be customized
can be customized

The body armor protection performance, scale type of body armor completely ruled out due to the presence of overlapping protection loopholes , even if the projectile is also tiny particles reach of human skin ; eliminate other types of body armor can’t be solved non- penetrating impact on the human body injury, can effectively protect the important parts of the body

Consulting Order

Material: Steel、Aramid UD 、UHMWPE

Color: 99-type blue uniforms、army camouflage、navy camouflage、desert camouflage(can be tailored)

Protection area: ≥0.28㎡

Protection level: GA II、GAIII、NIJ III、NIJIV;

Guarantee: 8 years;

Insurance: 1million yuan (Pingan Insurance)

Operative Norm: <>